You've Been Trying and Trying
Attract Abundance...

Now Discover How to Relax,
Open Up and

How to Dissolve Your Inner Blockages, Release Resistance,
and Open to the Natural Flow of Abundance You Deserve


If you've spent any length of time studying the Law of Attraction, you may have learned that you can attract abundance, money and other good things into your life simply by changing your thoughts.  You've probably used tools like visualization, affirmations, and vision boards. 

Maybe you've even spent weeks and months working with these techniques, but you're still struggling financially, trying very hard to attract more money and abundance into your life, but it's just not working.

Why Isn't the Law of Attraction Working for YOU?

You've done the visualizations, you've said hundreds or maybe thousands of affirmations, you've built up a solid belief that abundance is on its way to you . . . but STILL it hasn't shown up.

There's a very good reason why it hasn't shown up, and it's the same reason for everyone who tries to attract abundance using the Law of Attraction.

You may not believe it right away, but I'm going to explain it in such a way that you'll finally understand why you haven't made more progress than you have until now.

Here's why the Law of Attraction sometimes appears not to work:

With most manifesting techniques, you are simply going through the motions instead of changing your energetic FREQUENCY.

If you remember your early science lessons, everything is vibrating at a certain frequency, including your thoughts. And in your early Law of Attraction studies, you probably learned that "like attracts like".

In order to attract money and other forms of abundance into your life, you need to change the FREQUENCY of your thoughts and feelings so you come into alignment with the frequency of money and abundance.

In other words, money and abundance are vibrating at a much higher frequency than your own negative thoughts and feelings, so you can't allow it into your life.

What is Allowing Abundance?

To better understand what it means to allow abundance, a reminder about what it feels like to STRUGGLE for abundance may be helpful.

Have you ever obtained money through hard work and sacrifice?

Have you had to work excessively long hours, or perform job functions that really drained you?

And when you finally received payment for that back-breaking work, the amount of money you got definitely didn't seem like enough.

Like most other people, you've probably experienced this at least once or twice during your life so far - and like many people you may have been doing this for years and years!

On the other hand, have you ever received money easily?

Perhaps someone gave you an unexpected cash gift or bonus?

Or you found some money on the ground?

Or won a few dollars in a lottery drawing?

When money comes easily to you, it has a whole different frequency - a whole different FEELING, doesn't it?

It feels light, fun, effortless and enjoyable, compared to feeling heavy, unpleasant and difficult.

Those feelings are a perfect demonstration of the difference in frequency between struggling for abundance, or abundance flowing easily.

The Beauty of Allowing Abundance

What if I told you that you have FULL CONTROL over how easily money flows to you?

What if you could CHOOSE to allow an effortless flow of money and abundance into your life at any time you wanted?

Don't worry, I'm not going to tell you to just visualize it. You've probably spent a lot of time doing that but haven't made much progress.

I want to introduce you to an easier way of receiving more money . . . the beauty of ALLOWING.

You may already be familiar with the term "attracting abundance" but have you ever heard of "allowing abundance"?

Attracting abundance usually describes the techniques you use to bring more money into your life, like visualization, affirmations, creating vision boards, and so on.

Allowing abundance means relaxing and opening to an EASY flow of money and other forms of abundance, like great opportunities, good health, happy relationships, passion, joy, security, and inspiration.

A state of "allowing" means you are
fully aligned with and open to the
essence of the things you are
trying to attract into your life.

So, when it comes to money, allowing abundance means being aligned with the essence of abundance, and being open to receive it into your life.

You may be thinking that you're already aligned with abundance and ready to receive more of it, but I can guarantee you aren't yet.

How do I know? Because you would already have it!

Money and all wonderful things would be flowing easily to you. If they aren't yet, then you haven't made the full inner shift to abundance yet.

Please don't take that the wrong way . . . I'm sure you've been doing your absolute best to attract more money and abundance with the tools and techniques you've learned so far, but if you're still not where you want to be, you need a more powerful technique that will dissolve your inner blockages.

Which technique would that be?

Learning how to ALLOW money and abundance.

Abundance-attracting techniques are an important first step, but that's NOT the full process. You also need to consistently move into a state of ALLOWING so you stop blocking the money and abundance you've been trying so hard to attract.

Otherwise, if you only focus on "attracting" abundance but you forget to focus on allowing it in, it's like inviting someone to your home and then barricading the door so they can't come in!

The Difference Allowing Makes

When you finally master the art of allowing and make it a daily practice, money and abundance flow EASILY and CONSISTENTLY.

Struggle and strain disappear from your life. Great opportunities constantly drop into your lap.

Solutions to problems come easily to you . . . sometimes even before you realize there is a problem at all! Overcoming challenges becomes easy. Pursuing your dreams becomes easy.

Dreaming even bigger dreams becomes exciting instead of overwhelming.

Great people are drawn to you. Success, joy, and fun are drawn to you. Everything you touch seems to be "charmed" in some way, so that it always works out in your favor.

All aspects of your financial situation transform until they are smooth, easy, and beneficial in every way.

In essence, being in a state of allowing makes your life better, easier, and more enjoyable in every possible way. Once you experience it, I guarantee you'll never want to go back to doing things the hard way!

Getting Into a State of Allowing

So, how do you attain this magical state of "allowing"?

To answer that question, we need to go back to the concept of energetic FREQUENCY.

Remember we covered the concept of "like attracts like"?  Well, you can only allow situations, events and experiences into your life that MATCH your energetic frequency.

So, if your energy patterns are tied up in lack, scarcity, struggle, and failure, that's all you can allow into your life.

If you change your energetic frequency so that it's lined up with success, abundance, ease and flow, THAT'S all you can allow into your life.

Do you see now why some of the popular manifestation tools don't work?

It's because taking the actions - going through the MOTIONS - is not enough. If you aren't also changing your ENERGY . . . your FREQUENCY . . . your progress will be very little, or none at all.

The Key to Understanding Frequency

Here's the key to your energetic frequency: it's all about HOW YOU FEEL.

How do you usually feel about money? If you don't have enough money, you probably feel frustrated, tired, annoyed, and angry.

How do you usually feel about your life in general? If things rarely work out well for you, probably you feel much the same, frustrated and tired!

That's a major problem because you CANNOT ALLOW ease and flow while you feel that way.

Your feelings are a clear indicator that you are not lined up with an easier way of life and more abundance.

Your feelings are telling you that your ENERGY is lined up with all those negative experiences that you keep struggling with, over and over.

To change your energy, you need to change how you feel.

You've probably heard that you need to change your thoughts, and yes, thoughts are a big part of the equation, simply because your thoughts trigger your feelings, and your feelings determine your actions.

So if you're thinking negative thoughts, and feeling negative feelings, you'll take unproductive actions (or even destructive actions) and nothing will change for you.

How to Change Your Energetic Frequency

Changing your energetic frequency so it lines up with money, abundance, ease and flow is a simple thing to do, but it's a process.  It's not as easy as visualizing a few times or saying a bunch of affirmations.  If it were that easy, everyone would be a master at manifestation, right?

Essentially, you have to learn how to BE a different person than you are right now.

Right now, you probably feel like a person who struggles a lot, a person who doesn't have as much money as they want, a person who hasn't achieved the level of success they want, and so on.

To change those outer circumstances, you need to change YOURSELF, from within.

That involves changing the way you think, which changes how you feel, which draws forth better actions, and voila! Your outer life transforms.

Now, that may sound intimidating, but it's actually really easy if you know exactly what to do each day.

How I Can Help You

I've come to be known as a manifestation expert, spending more than 18 years studying the Law of Attraction - and more importantly, applying the principles in my own life.  I have created several popular websites and newsletters on the subject, written several books on manifesting with the Law of Attraction, and I've gotten some incredible feedback from my readers.

But one thing I keep hearing over and over from people is, "I'm struggling to apply these techniques and I can't seem to get them to work for me! Help!"

Many people these days understand the conceptof manifesting abundance, and they also know several good techniques like visualization, meditation, affirmations, and so on.

But they don't know the OTHER important aspect of manifesting . . . ALLOWING.

They feel blocked and confused about exactly what to do to allow the money, abundance, jobs, partners, and happiness they truly want.

Does this resonate with you too? Have you tried to manifest more abundance but can't quite seem to get it working for you? Have you made some progress but feel stuck and can't move forward any further?

The #1 Abundance Blockage

Do you know the number-one reason why people have a hard time getting out of a scarcity rut?  They know plenty of techniques for manifesting abundance, but they still struggle day after day, sometimes for years! Why?

Because they aren't CONSISTENT with their manifestation exercises.  Sometimes they may feel confused about the best steps to take, but even knowing the best steps isn't enough if they don't apply them consistently each day.

Do you struggle with this too?

What you need is step-by-step, ongoing guidance - not only in the intellectual understanding of the Law of Attraction, but the emotional, nitty-gritty APPLICATION of the concepts in your own life.

You need a detailed PLAN to follow day by day, week by week.

A plan that shows you EXACTLY how to uncover your blockages to abundance, EXACTLY how to clear them, and EXACTLY how to deliberately allow the abundance you want.

How successful would you be if there was NO CONFUSION about exactly how to allow abundance?

How committed would you be if you KNEW that you could not fail?

How EASY would it be to stay focused and aligned with abundance if you had detailed instructions to show you how?

Well, now you DO have all of that . . . and more!

Introducing the Allow Abundance Course

The challenges of my readers inspired me to create the Allow Abundance Course, a 26-week online course that makes allowing abundance as simple as it can possibly be!

You see, one of the major challenges that people face in learning to allow abundance is that they aren't applying the techniques they learn every single day.

Either they aren't clear on exactly how to apply them, or their effort is sporadic and weak so they don't see results quickly enough, and they give up.

The Allow Abundance CourseThis insight led me to create a step-by-step weekly lesson format that walks you through the understanding AND application of the main concepts of manifesting money and abundance.

Not only do I help you understand the important steps to take in allowing abundance, I make sure you know HOW to apply each important concept in your life.

I provide the detailed tools, exercises, and techniques to help you make an INNER SHIFT  - so your OUTER LIFE changes spontaneously.

This is one of the most comprehensive abundance courses available today!

It covers the following critical steps that you must master if you want to allow abundance:

Week 1: How to Let Go and Start Allowing Abundance

You'll discover why it's impossible to allow abundance when you feel panicky, nervous, desperate, anxious, or worried about money. More importantly, I'll share some powerful techniques to help you easily let go, relax and start ALLOWING abundance to flow easily.

Week 2: Healing Your Relationship with Money

Right now you may have a lot of anger, resentment, and frustration built up around the subject of money, so you just feel AWFUL every time you think about it! If you often feel like you have a love/hate relationship with money, I'll show you how to start healing that relationship. Remember, money is ENERGY - how you feel about it matters!

Week 3: Clearing Money Triggers

Each of us has certain "hot button" issues that immediately shove us into chronic negative thoughts about money. You may have an idea about a few of your own money triggers, but you also have plenty more that you're NOT aware of! I'll show you how to uncover your own unique money triggers, and provide some powerful techniques for diffusing and clearing them for good.

Week 4: Feeling Abundant NOW

In this week's lesson I share a fun and super-powerful technique that can help you shift from a scarcity-focused mind-set to an uplifted, happy, ABUNDANT mind-set . . . INSTANTLY. When you FEEL abundant, abundance flows easily! This one technique can make such a difference in your ability to allow more money and abundance into your life, and it's not only easy to do, it takes only a few minutes!

Week 5: Blasting Through Limiting Beliefs

Limiting beliefs have the power to hold back your abundance in powerful ways! The problem is that many limiting beliefs are subconscious and you have no idea they are controlling you. I'll show you some easy ways to discover your limiting beliefs and start changing them quickly.

Week 6: Dealing with Negativity

You know you're supposed to keep your thoughts in a positive place, but sometimes that seems IMPOSSIBLE! If you constantly find yourself being overwhelmed by negativity at work, at home, and in the world in general, this week's lesson is for you! I'll share some easy tips for handling negativity and keeping your thoughts exactly where you want them.

Week 7: Manifesting with Gratitude

You've probably heard about the power of gratitude, but have you ever learned how to USE gratitude as a powerful manifestation tool? I'll share some fun and easy techniques that use gratitude to quickly allow more money and abundance.

Week 8: Debt and the Law of Attraction

Do you know what debt does to your vibrational frequency? Do you know why trying to pay off debt usually backfires? I'll help you understand what's REALLY going on with your frequency when you are accumulating debt, and how to pay your debts off easily and quickly. -- Debt isn't ALWAYS a bad thing, by the way. I'll explain why that is, and help you develop a healthy attitude toward debt from this point forward.

Week 9: Understanding Inspired Action

Many people falter when they are given an "inspired action" by the universe - they hang back because of uncertainty, or they jump the gun and take action TOO quickly. Both of these reactions can cause major problems for you! There are times when it's best to move quickly, and there are times when it's best to wait - I'll show you how to tell the difference, and what to do when you believe you are being given an inspired action.

Week 10: The Magnetic Power of Thoughts

You've probably heard that your thoughts are powerful, but do you know why? I'll explain why your thoughts hold so much power and share some super-simple ways you can harness this power and direct it exactly where you want it go, and improve ANY area of your life.

Week 11: Creating a New Story for Your Life

If I asked you to tell me the story of your life as it relates to abundance, what would you say? Would you say that you've always had to struggle? That things never work out for you? That you have limited opportunities (or none at all)? Those things may have been true in the past, and they may even be true right now . . . but what if they don't HAVE to be true for you anymore? In this week's lesson I'll help you work some magic over those dissatisfying "truths" and turn them into much better stories. And I'll show you WHY it's important to do that - it's not just a mental exercise; it actually changes your frequency!

Week 12: Healthy Spending

Do you ever cringe when you receive bills in the mail? How about when you sit down to pay your bills? Do you feel resentful about having too many bills and not enough money to pay them? Do you ever feel guilty about spending money - even on items you NEED? I'll help you heal these unsettling feelings about spending money and paying bills, and then I'll show you how to form a new view on spending that makes you feel GOOD.

Week 13: Clearing Abundance Fears

You say you want more money, but is that really true? Believe it or not, some parts of you may actually be resisting money because you feel anxious about it. I'll help you uncover your abundance fears and show you how to zap them into non-existence when you find them.

Week 14: Creating an Abundant Self-Image

How you see yourself determines what you will allow into your life. If you are used to seeing yourself as someone who is broke, unsuccessful and unhappy, you simply can't allow more abundance into your life! I'll show you how to start creating a NEW self-image: of a strong, confident, successful, happy, ABUNDANT person that effortlessly attracts money, opportunities, love, success, and everything else good you want.

Week 15: Physical Habits That Block Abundance

You already know that many of your THOUGHT HABITS can block abundance, but did you know that there are actual PHYSICAL things you do that can block abundance too? I'll show you what these are and offer some helpful tips on how to stop doing them once and for all.

Week 16: Creating Gateways for Abundance to Flow

Right now you may have only one source of income, like a job or business. But there are actually ENDLESS ways that you can receive money into your life! I'll show you how to start creating more and more "gateways" for abundance to flow easily to you. Don't worry if you have no clue what those gateways might look like; I'll show you how to figure that out too.

Week 17: Opening Your Heart to Abundance

Did you know that past trauma, pain, and failure can stay with you and continue to affect your future results? In a very real sense, these old hurts and disappointments can interfere with your ability to allow more abundance into your life because they keep you locked into the frequency of being a victim. This week's lesson will show you how to release all of the old hurts, traumas, disappointments, and anger that could be blocking your abundance. Once you clear them and start opening your heart, abundance can start flowing freely!

Week 18: Your Life Purpose as a Source of Abundance

Living your life purpose is one of THE most powerful sources of abundance you can activate in your life . . . but many people still have NO IDEA what their purpose is, or if they even have one! If this describes you, you'll be thrilled about what I'm going to share with you in this lesson. I'm going to strip away all of the mystery and confusion and show you EXACTLY how to figure out your life purpose and begin following it - AND I'll show you exactly how your abundance is tied into it.

Week 19: Embracing Your Worthiness

Did you know that the majority of people who try to attract abundance don't really believe they deserve it? Do you feel that way too? The problem is that feeling unworthy has a powerful negative impact on your frequency so you simply cannot allow yourself to receive abundance. I'll show you how to heal this limiting belief and develop a true, deep sense of worthiness that finally allows you to receive as much abundance as you want.

Week 20: Your Loving, Supportive Universe

Do you currently have a strong sense of distrust and fear for the universe? Do you often feel like there are unseen forces working against you? Like "someone up there" doesn't like you and doesn't want you to succeed? It can seem that way at times, right? Remember, like attracts like! If you see the universe as being cruel and punishing, it will be. If you see the universe as being loving and supportive, it will be! In this week's lesson I'll show you how to quickly turn that negative perception around and create a deep connection with a loving, supportive universe.

Week 21: Letting the Universe Guide You to Abundance

Your relationship with a loving universe doesn't stop there! I'm going to show you how to work in PARTNERSHIP with your loving, supportive universe and be guided every step of the way to the abundance you desire. Most people think they have to do it all themselves, but nothing could be further from the truth! Your role in the allowing abundance process is very small compared to the universe's role! You will be relieved to know that you don't have to struggle and strain for abundance. Just apply my simple techniques for universal guidance and you'll never again feel overwhelmed or confused!

Week 22: Giving and the Law of Attraction

Have you heard that whatever you send out comes back? Have you donated money with the hope that it would return more money into your life but nothing much seemed to happen? There's a very good reason for this, and I'll show you exactly how to get this principle working like clockwork for you!

Week 23: Saving Money and Watching it Multiply

A lot of people don't have any money set aside for emergencies, and the number-one reason given is that they can't afford to save money because their expenses are too high, or their income is too low (or both). If this describes you too, I'm going to share some fun, easy tips on saving money PAINLESSLY and watching it multiply.

Week 24: Budgeting and the Law of Attraction

You probably think of budgeting as a positive thing, and in most ways it definitely is. But you may not know that certain aspects of budgeting can actually LIMIT your abundance and prevent you from allowing more into your life. I'll show you what those aspects are and offer some helpful tips for overcoming them easily. Don't worry, I won't ask you to ditch your budget . . . just maybe see it a little bit differently. ;-)

Week 25: Your Manifesting GPS

This week I'm going to teach you a super-simple way to KNOW, without a shred of doubt, where you "stand" energetically on ANY MANIFESTATION. You'll be able to tell instantly how close you are to being aligned with the things you want, and what you need to do to travel the rest of the vibrational distance. Once you understand how to use this tool, it will quickly become one of the most important things you do each day to keep yourself moving in the direction you want to go!

Week 26: How to Keep Expanding Your Abundance . . . Forever!

The first 25 lessons in this course provide a rock-solid, unshakable understanding of abundance principles and how to apply them in your life. In the last lesson I'll show you how to take ALL of that information and condense it into ONE SIMPLE PRACTICE that you can use every day for the rest of your life that will keep expanding your abundance forever.

Still More Tools!

Along with the weekly lessons, I also include plenty of other helpful tools like audio meditations, power affirmations, abundance exercises, prosperity games and more.


Each lesson is in written format (Adobe .PDF document), and audio format (MP3).


This course focuses heavily on two key areas:

1) The intellectual understanding of how and why each concept is important.

2) The hands-on, daily application of each concept in your life.

This is where many abundance courses drop the ball. They cover the intellectual part but don't tell you HOW to APPLY each concept to change your life.

Have you ever bought books and courses on the Law of Attraction?  Did you read them or listen to them, and then move on to the next one?

Nothing changes unless you actually USE the techniques you learn . . . but if you aren't shown exactly how to do that, it's not easy.

The Allow Abundance Course includes powerful, targeted exercises and techniques that help you apply each lesson in a very hands-on, deliberate way. This goes way beyond simply reading about it - you'll actually be DOING it. And you know what that means? PROGRESS!

Best of all . . . the techniques you'll learn in this course take only MINUTES to apply.

No need to spend hours on this each day.

How the Course is Delivered

The Allow Abundance Course is set up as a private members-only site that you can access any time, day or night.

When you sign up for the course, you create a username and password that is unique to you. That username and password gives you access to the members-only area of our website, where all of your weekly lessons are stored.

When you log in the first time, your first week's lesson will already be there waiting for you.

And you'll automatically get a new lesson EVERY WEEK, for 26 weeks!

You always have access to the lessons you've received each week for as long as you remain an active course participant; they remain in your private member account, and you may download and re-download them if necessary.

A New, Abundant Life Awaits You!

By now you're probably waiting for the big, shocking price tag to disappoint you so you can close this web page and wait for something more affordable, right?

No need to worry! I promise you won't need to sell your valuables to take this course.

I took great care to make it as affordable as possible - after all, if you already had unlimited amounts of money to spend, you wouldn't need an abundance course in the first place, right?

You'll be happy to hear that the ENTIRE Allow Abundance Course can be yours for a one-time payment of only $97.

Is your future abundance worth such a small investment? A few months from now, if you could be in a much better place financially, would you regret making this modest investment in yourself? Definitely not!

Set up your account today and get immediate access to the first week lesson and bonuses.

If you like what you see and want to continue with the course, you will continue to receive new lessons every week for 26 weeks.




How to Set Up Your Account

Setting up your account is easy.

When you click on the link to sign up, you will be brought to a page where you can enter your name, email address, and choose a password.

Once you have entered that information, click the "Continue" button. You will then be transferred to the payment page.

Once that's done, you are officially a member of the Allow Abundance Course!  You will receive an email with your login information and password and all of the information you need to log in and access your first lesson!

Every week from that point on, you will receive an email when each new lesson is ready to be downloaded.

Simply follow the link in the email, log in, and download the lesson. That's it!

It couldn't be any easier to embark on a new, exciting journey to a more abundant you.

Claiming Your Rightful Abundance

I want you to know that you DESERVE and HAVE THE RIGHT TO a more abundant life than you have been living up until now. Only YOU can decide if you are ready to move forward and claim it.

You have landed on this website for a reason.  Whether you were referred by someone or just stumbled across it "accidentally" - you were meant to find this page.

Now all you have to do is decide whether this course could be the stepping stone between where you are now, and where you ultimately WANT to be.

You have the power to change your life. 

Let me say that again.


But you may not know exactly  how to USE that power yet.  I'll show you how. 

And once you fully understand these principles, and once you start applying them and you SEE the results with your own eyes, your life will never be the same!

Understand this:

* No one is withholding the things you want - you just aren't letting them in.

* Only you have the power to make great things happen in your life.

* You are not "cursed" or doomed to "bad luck" - you are simply out of alignment energetically.

* No one can force you to stay in unpleasant situations, and only you can decide to move out of them.

* Only YOU have full control over your creative power!

Let it Be Easy!

One last thing to consider. Allowing abundance should be EASY . . . so much easier than you might think.

In fact, if it seems hard, you're definitely doing it wrong!

This course is my way of helping you reach your goals in the shortest amount of time possible, in the easiest way possible.  I'm going to show you how to transform your life, week by week for the next 26 weeks.

And I promise you will enjoy every minute of it! :-)

Click Here to Set Up Your Account Now

P.S. Remember, you are covered by my ironclad 60 Day Guarantee - that means you can check out the course completely risk-free!

You truly have nothing to lose (and everything to gain) by taking this step toward greater abundance.

P.P.S. I feel confident that you'll LOVE this course and all of the amazing tools and techniques I'll share with you.

I am SO looking forward to working with you and helping you to allow your rightful abundance!


Click Here to Get Started Now!


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